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Our latest offering from Indonesia gets its name from the Mandailing people of Sumatra. The island's tropical climate, along with its rich volcanic soil, is a perfect storm that makes for (arguably) the most unique and delicious flavor profile of any coffee region. 


This Sumatra has that crazy-thick body that Indonesian coffee is known for. What you might not expect, however, is that most amazing aftertaste that lingers long after your last sip. Roasted just barely into 2nd cracks for that highly satisfying, smoky and complex flavor of herbs and spice, you simply must try this coffee!


*Elevation: 5000 ft

*Region: Batak, West-Central Sumatra

*Varietal: Catimor, Typica

*Process: Washed

*Roast: Full City (Medium-Dark)

Sumatra Mandheling

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