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Looking for something different for your morning cup? You've found it! Our Koawood Tonic Blend will get your mind right quick with almost TWICE the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. How did we achieve this marvel of specialty coffee superiority? Enter the Robusta bean.


Robusta beans get a bad rap, and maybe rightfully so as most robusta beans taste horrible and end up as fillers in the commercially sold coffee you find at Walmart and Costco. But, this doesn't change the fact that they have about twice the caffeine content as Arabica beans. 


So, our quest was a simple one: create a Robusta Double-Caff blend that doesn't taste horrible. We use only the best, organic-certified Robusta beans from Kerala, India. These beans are highly caffeinated, full-bodied and add a wonderfully complex flavor to this awesome blend!


*Roast: City +

Koawood Tonic Blend

  • All orders roasted and shipped within one busniess day via USPS Priority.

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