Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee and produces some of the most unique and coveted heirloom coffee in the world. This triple-sorted lot comes from the Kochere woreda (district) of the region of Yirgacheffe, and it's one of the finest coffees we've ever tasted! These beans employ the washed process, and as such are more balanced, less earthy and more tea-like than dry-processed beans. Always crisp, sweet, and absolutely delicious! 


Kick up your morning routine a notch and revel in the floral aromas and citrusy sweetness of this Ethiopian powerhouse. Fantastically bright and exceptionally clean, this coffee will get you where you need to be!


*Elevation: 5900 ft

*Region: Yirgacheffe

*Varietal: Heirloom

*Process: Washed

*Roast: City (Medium-Light)

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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